Who are User Research Works?

We are a research agency that puts users at the heart of design. We care about understanding what your users really need from your business.

We are problem solvers

Using a combination of tried-and-tested user research methods, we will figure out exactly what your users’ needs are and the problems they face when they interact with your business. We will help you to design services that not only solve those problems and meet your users’ needs, but look pretty incredible too.

We are there from the very beginning

Why do seemingly great ideas flop? Because they don’t meet a need; they don’t solve the right problems. Get us in early; let us help you figure out what you (and your users) need from the word go.

We are your voice of reason

Sometimes, ideas aren’t quite right – they need a bit of tweaking here and there. Occasionally, ideas turn out to be downright dreadful – they just don’t work for your business or your users. We help businesses have the courage to to say ‘that was an awful idea; let’s not bother’.

Trust us, it’s better to scrap an idea that won’t work for your users at the research stage than to try and make it work square-peg-round-hole style.